Bioanalytical services in toxicology

The Cardiff Toxicology Laboratories is a CPA accredited facility that provides a twenty-four hour specialist analytical toxicology services to the NHS and other public and private organisations throughout the UK.

The laboratory delivers an analytical service for clinical toxicology which includes specialist drug assays which are not available anywhere else in the UK. In addition, the laboratory provides analytical services to support activities such as environmental toxicology, occupational toxicology, forensic toxicology as well as providing analytical support for academic research.

To support the interests of the department, the laboratory is equipped with a wide range of analytical tools including immunoassay techniques, high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and mass-spectrometry.  Although the majority of sample handling involves biological material the laboratory is also equipped with facilities to undertake monitoring of volatile substances in air-space.  For example, the laboratory offers a service to monitor concentrations of the anaesthetic gas nitrous oxide in operating rooms. 

A twenty-four hour emergency analytical toxicology service is delivered to the UK and the laboratory often receives emergency requests for the measurement of poisons such as ethylene glycol from many areas in the country.  For further information on the laboratory, please follow this link